In Conversation with Jesse Cary


Our next in-conversation is with Jesse Cary, from Bede, the Digital Platform Specialists for Online Gambling - creating outstanding experiences for operators and their players. #TheSafestPlaceToPlay #EpicTech #BeMoreBede

What is your current role?

Head of Application Architecture at Bede

What does Building IT Right mean to you?

Building it right from a software architecture perspective is about capturing and implementing a functional vision in a reliable system. One which adheres to good design principles and ensures the system can sustain the continuous changes required to keep pace with movements of the vision. Failure ultimately creates legacy systems.

Why should Build IT Right visitors attend your talk?

This talk is for those who want to see how vaunted industry principles can collide with reality in practice. It’s a talk about software and people. Essentially, embrace the chaos! On a more detailed level: For those who already know about Microservices, Azure and/or DDD; this talk will relate these topics to Bede’s story, which might provide a new and interesting perspective to consider in your own organisational context. For those who want to learn about Microservices, Azure and/or DDD; this talk will provide some valuable perspective and highlight real world challenges to consider before you begin evaluating these for your own software solutions.

What innovations in the industry impress you the most?

I’m amazed (and sometimes terrified) by the things big tech companies are achieving with machine learning and AI. Cars are driving themselves!!

What do you think will be the next big thing in software?

Harnessing quantum computing as a practical platform for writing applications should be a game changer. Either that or perhaps someone will invent an even easier way to distribute cat gifs.

Jesse Cary from Bede Gaming will be bringing his session titled ‘An ongoing journey with micro-services and DDD’ to Build IT Right at 10.15am on 4th April at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle

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