In Conversation with Peter Grainger


Our next in-conversation is with Peter Grainger, from Sage, providing software and solutions for every business from their base in Newcastle upon Tyne.

What is your current role?

Senior Engineer at Sage.

What does Building IT Right mean to you?

To me it means thinking ahead of time, being deliberate in your actions and basing your decisions on data rather than bias or office politics. Always think “how is the user getting value from this?” and challenge the status quo if you don’t think something makes sense. Most importantly, you should think your work is interesting and you should be having fun!

Why should Build IT Right visitors attend your talk?

If you are involved anywhere in the software lifecycle (writing issues, coding, deploy) and have any tasks that are boring, repetitive or time consuming you will definitely pick up something from the talk that you can apply. If you don’t use Github, it might convince you to, actions are a game changer!

What innovations in the industry impress you the most?

The amount of PaaS (Platform as a Service) companies popping up are really making it easy to create a solution to a problem and get people using it immediately. Code sharing platforms like codepen, glitch and code sandbox are blurring the lines between storing, sharing and deploying your code by writing it directly in the browser and making it easy to share with the web community.

What do you think will be the next big thing in software?

I’m keeping my eye on WebAssembly. The power to run any language precompiled in the browser at a much higher efficiency than is currently possible seems really powerful and I’m looking forward to seeing the libraries the web community creates that we can all build on.

Peter Grainger from Sage will be bringing his session titled ‘Continuous integration using Github actions’ to Build IT Right at 3.10pm on 4th April at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle

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