Event schedule

4th April

Registration, Refreshments and Exhibition

Conference Welcome Compere

  • Timandra Harkness

Opening Keynote

  • Dave Farley


An ongoing journey with micro-services and DDD

  • Jesse Cary

Higher or Lower - ML in JS

  • Chris Price

U-Kan-Scrum-gile - Enterprise Edition

  • Jon McNestrie

Research without Interface: Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Jason Bell


Estimations are just a waste

  • Juan Antonio Rodriguez Pozo

A design thinker walks into a tech company…

  • Nate Sterling

Automate all the security

  • Robert Rees

The Joy of Java Microframeworks

  • Bartosz Jedrzejewski


Lightning Talks

  • James Murphy

  • Mark Jose

  • Steve Hobbs

  • Tam Mageean


Panel Session

Afternoon Keynote

  • Timandra Harkness


I'm here for an argument, working with conflict in teams

  • Stephen Mounsey

Evolutionary Architecture: what we can learn from nature?

  • Chris Howe-Jones

The Inclusivity Paradox

  • Bruno Perez

Continuous integration using Github actions

  • Peter Grainger


Servers? Where we're going, we don't need servers!

  • Alex Lynham

Designing the Invisible: How to Create Exceptional User Experiences

  • Helena Hill

Fighting Continuous Entropy

  • Gary Fleming

Using Inner Source to drive innovation, culture and collaboration

  • David Boyne


Closing Keynote

  • Simon Brown

Closing Remarks

  • Timandra Harkness