Event schedule

12th November


Conference Welcome & Sam Newman

  • Sam Newman

Servers are dead! How architecture in the 2020s is being revolutionised by serverless

  • Matthew Clark

Building a UX Culture

  • Jason Bell

In Retrospect - Making Retros Great Again

  • Sam Hogarth


First Steps as a DevOps Engineer

  • Zac Rubin

A design thinker cements his place in a tech company

  • Nate Sterling

Language agnostic coding standards

  • Tom Hodgson

Self care in the tech workplace (and a bit wider)

  • Jon McNestrie

Panel: Devs Against Covid-19


Lightning Talks

  • James Leftley

  • Emily Hewitson

  • Ryan Greenhall

  • Mark Jose

A.I. & The Future of Work

  • Anne-Marie Imafidon

Chaos Engineering

  • Peter Grainger

Addressing shiny new syndrome with Ominchannel

  • Helena Hill

Testing vs Monitoring: build it right in production

  • Jiazhen Xie

UX, UR and everything in-between

  • Ade-Lee Adebiyi


Evolving TDD - Moving past single example tests

  • David Sarginson

Prerequisites for Evolutionary Architecture

  • Chris Howe-Jones

The fresh prince of the testing atelier

  • Stephen Mounsey

How one word is making your team lose out on hiring the best engineers

  • Adam Martin

Eventual Consistency is not just for superheroes

  • Steve Heasman

Inclusive Design and its impact to business and customers

  • Bruno Perez

Reliability Engineering for Humans

  • Hannah Foxwell

The importance of research and design iteration

  • Lisa Moran

Simplicity. The one and only rule.

  • Juan Rodriguez

How to build an application for under £100

  • Dan Pudwell

Crash Course: Managing Software People and Teams

  • Ron Lichty

Learn Tools & Technologies Faster by Coding with Jhipster

  • Karsten Silz

Decision-making for Grown-Ups

  • Liz Keogh

Closing Remarks

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